Introduction of our group

The Chair for Construction Chemistry conducts fundamental research in the fields of inorganic binders and organic admixtures.

We synthesize and investigate new materials e.g. nanocomposites by applying colloid-chemical methods.

Current Issues:

Bill Gates supports our cooperation partner

May 2021: Ecocem materials, a developer of low carbon "green" cements and our cooperation partner for novel innovative PCE superplasticizers received 22.5 mio. € in equity capital from Bill Gate`s venture capital company "Breakthrough Energy Ventures".

Master`s Thesis Award 2020 by the GDCh Division Chemistry of Construction Materials Awarded to Christopher Schiefer, M. Sc.

The Master`s Thesis award 2020 by the GDCh division chemistry of construction materials was awarded to our PhD student Christopher Schiefer during the 3rd ICCCM on March 17th 2021 for his Master`s Thesis "Mg-Al-LDH-PCE Nanocomposites as Hydration Accelerators for Cement“.

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Inauguration of the „Energy Harvesting Floor“ by TUM-President Prof. Hofmann and Vice President Prof. Kramer on January 15th 2020.

22.09.20: Installation of the piezoelectric „Energy Harvesting Floor“ at the entrance of the Department of Chemistry.

Highlights of the carnival lecture 2020.

Prof. Plank in Mosul, Iraq as part of a DAAD funded exchange program between TU Munich and Northern Technical University, Mosul in December 2019.

Prof. Plank receives SPE Service Award:

on 14. September 2019 the SPE Service Award was handed over to Prof. Plank by SPE President elect Shauna Noonan in recognition of his achievements in organizing international SPE Conferences, for the support of young professionals and for his role as director of SPE Germany Section South.

The price for excellent teaching was awarded to Prof. Plank at January 26th 2019.

Visit of a Chinese Delegation from President Xi Jinping in July 2019 to the topic "Foundations for Promotion of Science in Germany"

Report from BBC Arabic as Part of our in the EU-Project „ThermoDrill" developed Drilling FLuid for Geothermal Wells, 2019.

Awarding of the Science Medal Award of Deutsche Bauchemie e.V. to our former PhD student Dr. Thomas Hurnaus, now BASF, 7th June 2019 in Münster.

Invitation and Presentation at the Vietnam Concrete Association (VCA) and Vietnam Institute for Building Materials (VIBM) in Hanoi, March 13th 2019.

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Highlights of the carnival lecture 2019.

Cooperation agreement with the University of Jinan for the establishment of a "Joint laboratory" at January 1st 2019.

 2nd International Conference on UHPC Materials and Structures (UHPC 2018) in Fuzhou, November 07th - 10th 2018.

12th ICSP in Beijing, October 28th - 31th 2018.

Interview with Prof. Plank in PNP to the topic: "Es lockt die Freiheit der Wissenschaft", April 2018.

Interview Prof. Plank

Highlights of the carnival lecture 2018.

Appointment of Prof. Plank as Honorary Professor at the University of Jinan in November 2017.

Eco-friendly Cement –
The Chair on Arte.

Experiments on the Hydration of Cement under Zero Gravity.

In the beginning of March 2016 a researcher team of the Chair for Construction Chemistry conducted experiments on the early hydration of cement under zero gravity conditions utilizing parabolic flights. The crystallization (nucleation) of ettringite and calcium silicate hydrates (C-S-H phases) were investigated.

It was found out that under zero gravity, the ettringite crystals formed are more abundant yet smaller which can be explained by the absence of convection. The results were published in several scientific papers (see section "research", list of publications).



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Current Events

Master`s Thesis Award 2020 to Christopher Schiefer

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„Energy Harvesting Floor“

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3rd International Conference
on Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers
(PCE 2019)

September 24 - 25, 2019

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Construction Chemistry in Singapore

TUM-Asia offers within the Master course "Industrial Chemistry" construction chemistry as a specialization module.

The goal of the module is to provide insights in the field of construction chemistry. The lecture will cover topics such as material properties of construction materials, cement chemistry, chemical admixtures and application systems like concrete, dry mix mortar and coatings.